Monday, January 21, 2013

Not all who wander...

Since we have settled back into Texas there have been a few times where I closed my eyes and thought I was somewhere else when I opened them. I could smell the air of South Carolina.

While in South Carolina I never thought I could miss it. I never thought I could miss "the place where all the roads led to Wal-Mart" I never thought I could miss the place with the nearest mall was an hour away in Georgia and not even being remotely adequate compared to the ones in San Antonio. I never thought I would miss the USMC base. The small space of a barracks room. I never thought I would miss the place that had no place I really wanted to eat.

But In fact, I do.

I miss the plane rides back and forth. I miss the long drives back and forth. I miss the place that started this all. I've come to realize my heart will always long for somewhere else. My whole life has been made up of moving. Never staying in one place. It didn't have to mean states, it could mean cities. It could mean houses. Apartments. Places of residence, whatever. I was constantly living out of a suit case.

And I loved it.

My friends always joke about my "disappearances" Most of our conversations start with "so where are you now?" An ongoing joke that has me reminiscing on the days I really was somewhere else. Perhaps last year there were to many coming and goings for everyone else, but not for me. I could never get tired of a life like that. And as we settle in, deeper and deeper. Apartment, work, school. I look at photos to remember, to feel the places that I have been, that have led me to where I am, and where I am going.


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  2. I love South Carolina too! Im from Scotland and visit there every year with my best friend who lives in North Carolina!!xx

    1. That's so cool considering my boyfriend is half Scottish and he is the whole reason why I was in South Carolina!

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  4. I think staying for a long time in the same place can bring lots of good things too =)

    Bea =)

  5. Aw beautiful post, Sherry <3
    I love your layout. Well, I always do, no matter what you do to it! It always looks awesome!

  6. Hello fellow GFC hopper - What a lovely post, Sherry :)
    Happy Tuesday!

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  8. i love this post...i love that you actually look fondly on the places you have been, because it is all part of your story...i've moved alot too. I have so many memories. and i love revisiting those places, those old homes, those quaint towns.. i love where I am and have been for a long time, but some days I get lonesome for the "old days..."