Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Become a SPONSOR today!

Since I started blogging I have always displayed ads for free. As my blog has grown, I decided to sell the spots to those who want the exposure the most. Here you can find out which ad works best for you and purchase it whenever you want to! All the ads that will be displayed are strategically placed in order to get maximum exposure for each ad you place.

Here are my most recent statistics: 

For the month of DECEMBER: 
 6,709 page views from 10 posts (I only posted 10 times during December)

Highest Page Views for any one post: 913
Highest Ranking Referring URL:  InLinkz (FTF BLOG PARTY) at 1208
Highest Ranking Referring Site: Google (Through google search) at 1521

Every Wednesday I host the Followers to Friends Blog Party which brings in very many new comers on the search of new blogs. The average view rate is currently 305 page views and grows every month.