Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Traveling with a dress (post Ball)

On November 8 I was scheduled to fly from Texas to South Carolina, my morning didn't start off as planned because of course I was too anxious to fall asleep and when I finally did it was about an hour and a half before I needed to get up and get ready.

I currently live about an hour from the airport, it would take me about an hour to get dressed and ready to leave, and if it wasn't for my cat Kittehns baby girl Mishca and her high pitched meows that tell me wake up and feed me or i want to cuddle now, i would have probably missed my flight. I got up, late, rushed through my shower, very badly curled my damp hair and rushed to say goodbye to my girls (my cats) and was on my way to the airport. I got to the airport, luckily it wasn't very busy, but i was still anxious to get to my gate on time. It felt like the first time i had been on a plane, i was all by myself, (as usual) flustered, and probably looking suspicious. I got on my early flight with nothing but business men and women, choosing my seat towards the back to avoid anyone sitting next to me. The flight was almost completely full and I ended up with a man sitting two seats over. Just as the plane was almost all set, and I was happily in my seat thanking the airport gods that no one was sitting directly next to me, some woman comes and sits next to me. I noticed that she looked like a stewardess. And in fact, she was. trying to stay awake I pulled out the iPad to start drawing, I thought it would keep me occupied and avoid conversation so early in the morning. I was tired after all, and my morning wasn't that great, so my mood was already in the negatives. I start to finish drawing Ron Pope, and the lady next to me says "are you an artist?" I quickly said "no, not really" thinking it could pull the conversation away from where I thought it was headed. It didn't work. We continued with the small talk and it quickly grew into conversation. It wasn't so bad after all. We talked about life as a stewardess. I explained to her my love for airports and flying. how I loved Southwest Airlines and have yet to have a bad experience with them. My background screen saver was even the wing of the plane on my last flight.

Further into the conversation i told her why i was flying, how i was having a bad morning, i was super anxious about attending the ball, and could play the details in my head over and over again to make sure i got it right. Her father was retired from the Marines. She told me her mother use to always attend and how glamorous and fun it was for her, that it was so nice to get dressed up. I was so unsure since before my dress even arrived in the mail about the color and how it would look, and if it was nice enough for the ball. I asked so many people what they thought about my dress. was it going to be appropriate for the ball? Was it nice enough? Too sparkly? But with all the answers I got it took the complete stranger on the plane to really do it for me. I finally believed my dress was good enough. the flight stopped in Dallas, I didn't have to change planes, nor did she so we just sat there and talked to the other flight attendants. We talked about my dress, my gorgeous shoes, the movie flight, alcoholics, Denzel Washington and the good and bad places they had to stop on the job. It was nice to see them so friendly, they weren't just the standard robot stewardess. When the passengers started to board, she moved one seat over leaving a seat between us. The plane was filling up, and we quickly realized we might lose our seat in the middle. She started hacking and coughing as if she had bronchitis. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. I knew exactly what she was doing. then i noticed a row over that they were trying to avoid a woman and her baby from sitting with them. We both turned our heads down and piled our things on the seat. We got lucky. The woman sat elsewhere and the baby was quiet as a mouse. Our next stop was Houston where she was heading for work. We agreed to meet up at a restaurant and eat during my layover, after she got things set up for work. We sat and ate lunch, it was so nice to not be alone, I probably wouldn't have ate if it wasn't for her. I scarfed down the whole meal! I guess I really was hungry. We exchanged e-mails so i could send her a photo from the ball and shortly after we parted ways with a hug.

On my next flight, I sat again, at the back. Thinking no one would sit next to me, but i knew the flight was full so i didn't get my hopes up too high. Some man sat two seats down, followed by a woman who was only let on because someone canceled their flight. She sat right next to me and quickly strung up a conversation. Her name was Delia. Once again I was talking about my drawings with a complete stranger. The flight was pretty long so we had quite a lot of time to chat. She too was headed to South Carolina, and to visit a friend. we talked the whole flight basically. We even talked about make up. M.A.C to be exact. She told me about an ex boyfriend who was a marine, how she attended a ball, her life as an accountant and her spoiled daughter. the man who had the pleasure of sitting next to us only spoke Spanish. I wonder what he was thinking as she applied her make up and freshened up. I wonder if he was sitting there thinking "pft.....women" either way I'm glad he was pleasantly quiet.

As the flight was getting ready to land we swapped e-mails so I could send her a photo from the ball. It made me laugh to think of all the people along the way (even before my flight) who requested a photo from the ball. what i  thought would be a private affair turned into something more. It was like an extra piece to the journey. It made things more memorable.

Nick picked me up, he wasn't late this time. The last time he was late and made the excuse of buying me flowers. What probably happened was he was late, then bought me flowers to use as an excuse for being late! A dozen red roses and a smile.

The next day was the photo shoot, the Ball... the pressure.

to be continued...


  1. OH MY GOSH :D That sounds utterly amazing! I've always loved southwest - they're pretty much 99% on time, fare isn't hell expensive and the stewardesses are so nice! They always have this beautiful eager smile on their faces! I'm so excited for you! A ball?! EEK! My eyes are peeled for the next post! xx

  2. Can't wait to read about the ball and finally see what your sparkly dress looks like!

  3. Thank goodness for those meows! Glad you didn't miss your flight. I know what it's like to not get any sleep because you're so anxious/nervous or just thinking about the next day!
    It's amazing that when you go on a trip, you can meet new people and make friends just like that. I'm glad you weren't alone. Plus, it probably helped to talk about the ball and everything. Can't wait to see the photos!

  4. I love this post! It sounds like a real adventure. I never make friends on my flights, I think it's because everyone avoids me because I have a baby lol, plus Wellington to Auckland is only an hour long flight. Can't wait to hear the rest of your story! x

  5. Just found your blog from Erin over at Living in Yellow and I love it! Your kittens are so cute and I am loving all your blogging tips. New follower. :)

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    I found your blog on Tara from Penniless Socialite's blog. Thanks for hosting and I'm your newest follower.

    Happy Holidays,


  7. cliff hanger! I have been waiting for this post.. i have been so lazy with my comments but I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE SOME PHOTOS! :3