Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The start of something new

A picture from our first time from Texas to South Carolina.

It's officially official. 
My boyfriend is out of the Marines. His 4 years of service is over, and he is moving back to Texas. It's hard to describe the feeling completely. It's somewhere on the lines of happy, anxious, nervous, and stressed.

Happy because of course, It's going to be nice to see him more often, it's going to be nice to be on similar schedules, and it's gonna be great to know that we can make new memories.

Anxious and nervous because I didn't do everything I wanted to do before he got out. He was originally suppose to get out in February, but since he didn't deploy again, they let him get out a few months early. So that brings excitement, but at the same time, sometimes I wish I still had those few extra months to get what I wanted to get done, done. And that brings on the stress.

But overall, and of course, it is great.

Nickolas and I went to the same High School but we didn't know each other back then. We had mutual friends, but we never talked. Now we always talk about how we just passed each other by, like nothing. Not knowing what things would be like in the future. In a way I am glad we didn't know each other, because we probably wouldn't have what we have now. All together we have spent about 4 weeks in San Antonio with each other. Most of our time together has been spent in other states or at a distance. I was born in Oklahoma, and moved to Texas when I was almost 1. He on the other hand was born in Lakenheath, England and moved to Texas when he was 13. He didn't have to come back here, So it will be interesting to see what life will be like now.

The past 2 Novembers have been so significant for us, I guess it would only make sense that his EAS was moved to November this year.

(I better stop writing before i get all sentimental)

By now, while you are reading this, I should be somewhere on the way to Texas. I can't believe I have made this trip before, a 19 hour drive from South Carolina to Texas. Nickolas speeds so he can get it down to 16 hours, either way, I'm just glad we are going home.

And in 3 days we should be on a plane to California.


  1. My husband got out of the navy last year and it has been quite the transition after 8 years of military life. I hope the two of you enjoy this next part of your journey.

  2. Yay! Extremely happy for you!! It's always important to see people you love safe and sound with you :3 Hope you two enjoy an amazing new chapter of your lives together!

  3. that is amazing, and I love the story of how you got together.

  4. YAY! That is so exciting. I wish you the best of luck in your relationship. I am so grateful for the service of all those in the military!

  5. Aw I'm excited for you :) Sounds like a great start to an amazing journey!

  6. That is so exciting! Hope your boyfriend settles into Texas well and that you have many more adventures together!!

  7. Very touching post. It will definitely be a new phase in your relationship that as you said is exciting and a little scary too. It'll be an adjustment, but a wonderful one!

  8. congratulations on nikolas coming home! i can't imagine what that must feel like...i'm sue it will be a little crazy but you'll be glad he's back in the end!

  9. I think i got emotional with this post too!!
    don't stress and enjoy it!!it's amazing how many things you would be able to do together!

    so, so happy for you!
    Xo Bea

  10. Aaww...It's OK to get sentimental! You're starting a whole new phase of life, and you're doing it together. That's what matters most. And I think it's awesome that you posted a pic from your first trip!
    a new follower from the blog hop

  11. So lovely . I never had a boy friend so I can't feel whatever you're feeling but I hope you both spend quality time together :)

  12. awww! that's so sweet. you guys! well, i'm sending all my love and best wishes for you guys! <3 i could totally tell you're going all sentimental :D

    lots of lovin'

  13. Awww...such a sweet post. Sounds like you are enjoying your vacation. Missing the talks at night, when you come home, I've got lots to share with you. xo