Saturday, October 27, 2012

I love FALL : tag

I was tagged by Elle from Lipstick & Lace to do the I love Fall tag and I couldn't be happier. I actually really LOVE fall. It always brings back good times, great fashion, and great food.

Here are the questions:
1. Favorite Fall lip product 2.
Favorite Fall Nail Polish 3. 
Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink 4. 
Favorite Fall Candle 5. Favorite Fall Scarf or accessory 6. 
Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze 7. Favorite Halloween movie 8. 
Favorite candy to eat on Halloween 9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween 10. What is your Favorite thing about Fall
1. Favorite Fall Lip Product: EOS, Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, MUFE's Aqua Rouge #8

2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish. GOLD COIN! Love it for nail art during the fall (:


 3. Favorite Fall Scarf or Accessory: My deer head necklace.Reminds me of Hunting Season!

 4. Favorite Fall Startbucks Drink: PUMPKIN SPICE! My first one this year was in Florida with Nick


 5. Favorite Fall Candle: Pumpkin Spice for this one too. I love falling asleep in a candle lit room.

10. Favorite thing about fall: Constantly feeling of Nostalgia


  1. Yes pumpkin spice coffee and pumpkin bread are always perfect combination! Love love them

  2. umm Starbucks, Pumpkin Spice, and Haunted houses.... Yes we would get along great lol! Love this post :)

  3. Loved reading this! Have you tried pumpkin spice chai at Starbucks? It's not on the menu but you can order it (I get 1 pump chai and 1 pump pumpkin spice in a tall, with soy) and it is amazing!!

  4. Awesome Fall favorites! I love all your lip products! Hmm I haven't tried the pumpkin spice at starbucks...

  5. Good answers & thanks for the tag!! Lol I will have to invent my answers as it's spring here lol :/ I wish Starbucks here did the pumpkin spice!! Sounds tasty

  6. Ohhh yum i spy the hidden Phish Food!


  7. Great favorites! I've been craving Starbucks lately but I've never tried the pumpkin spice. Loving that the weather is getting more bearable!

  8. The lip products are some of my favourites too. I always have eos and Baby Lips balms nearby. Gold Coin is the only gold metallic polish I own and it's all I will ever need ;-)

  9. Love it! EOS is one of my favortie chap sticks!

  10. I really want to try the EOS products. :)

  11. Hi,
    New follower from the blog hop please come follow me back :)

  12. I have never tried candy corn.. ever! Is that sad? Such deprived childhood hahahaha
    The last photo is really nice! :)


    1. Oh and just saw tag so I will do one next monday when I get around to taking pictures! Although it'd have to be a spring thing for me as it's spring in australia! :D

  13. ooooooo love your deer head necklace!...super sassy * cute

  14. Lovely post!! That necklace is amazing!!! O_O

    (I found you on the blog hop and am your new follower!! :D Would you mind checking out my blog too?)

  15. Hey, new follower from the GFC blog hop. I like the look of your blog really looking forward to your posts.

  16. Me too! Love fall! Just found your blog from the Wednesday link up! Candy corn and pumpkin spice... MMM. New follower! :)

  17. I see Cherry Me made it onto your tag as well! I also love the EOS lip balms, especially that Strawberry Sorbet flavor.

    Cool deer necklace by the way, really unique and pretty~

    Lipstick & Lace