Friday, October 19, 2012

A little bit of...

Yesterday I experienced nostalgia. As I got dressed I reached onto the shelf to spray some perfume. I reached past a few and grabbed Happy from Clinique. I sprayed it and immediately I felt like I was in a different place, the smell triggered memories of the past, and took me somewhere else.

Last year, right after Christmas, Nickolas decided we were going to see his parents in Florida, it was somewhat out of the blue. For everyone. It was about a 6 hour drive from South Carolina on a bright and beautiful day. When we finally got there and I saw his family, his mother gave him his gifts and she gave me a set from Clinique that included this perfume. I hadn't been to Florida in quite some time, the last place I visited was Pensacola, so going back was nice and I had a good time. In the mornings Nick and I would go out to the shore with the family dog or lie around on the hammock, enjoying the breeze. I remember one morning while Nick was gone with his father and sister, I went out to the backyard and walked to the ocean and stood knee deep in the water. The water was clear, and cool and it was sunny.  It was just like I remembered Florida. It was nice to feel it, and crazy that I could feel it so well from a scent of perfume, I started to think that I would save what was left in the bottle to feel it again, every once in a while. His parents have moved to California so I know I won't ever have the chance to actually re-live the moments, just remember them through a scent.

"It was just like I remembered Florida."
(Pictures from his parents house in Florida)

Later on yesterday, while walking underneath the sun and feeling the cool breeze that I have been waiting to feel for quite some time, I felt it again, but this time, it took me to South Carolina. When the breeze passed and my hair blew in the wind and I could feel the sun on my skin, I almost forgot where I was. It was like I could smell the air in South Carolina, In the moment I could feel Nicks presence. It was a great feeling, and I grew more and more excited to be leaving once again to South Carolina next month.

underneath the sun

(pictures from the neighborhood dock in South Carolina)

For me the smell of pumpkin spice lattes takes me back to the first time I had one, candle light reminds me of falling asleep with my candle lit all throughout the night while living in Corpus Christi, Texas. Winter reminds me of my best friend Garrett and getting stranded in San Marcos and a certain pair of jeans takes me back to snow and Red River, New Mexico. But it's funny to think that simple things can just take you back, things that you wouldn't really think would be BIG reminders.

Have you ever had nostalgia? Did something trigger it? I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Ahh the simple things in life are precious and gives us the real meaning of happiness. I just jump in with the blog hop of followers and friends and followed you. Happy Friday.


  2. well...that tells you how good those memories where for you and that you haven't forgot them. it's amazing how just little things make you remeber with such a detail. ahhh human brain is incredible!

    hopw you have an awesome week. right now I'm all in bed with a really bad cold after a 8h shift and i have to other 2 to go this weekend...sometimes life is beautifull, sometimes it sucks

    xo Bea =)

    1. They were great times, and they were important to me (:

      Ah, I hope you feel better. I would share my cookies with you ;D

  3. Love spell from Victoria secret brings back memories for me, reminds me of my old room at my parents house. It's crazy how scents can bring back such vivid memories.

    1. A smell tied to a place to grew up, that sounds so awesome! I don't think i have a smell for that!

  4. this is so wonderful - and amazing what scents can do to trigger memories. i hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xox P

    phiphi's blog

  5. Whenever I hear an English accent, I think back to my days in England. I miss it terribly but the memories remain. :)

  6. Mine are always through songs. Each song that has a memory tied to that comes on the radio, makes me stop for a moment. Its weird but when I those song I go back to each time, each person, each memory. Some I hold dear. Some I resent. They all have memories.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Cody @Solemn Sound

    1. I agree with that, songs are such a good thing to tie to a memory!

  7. Hello! I am Jo from I found your blog on the blog hop! Hoping you'll follow back :)

  8. yes..and it is scents too like you. and certain foods..remind me of home and my mom...
    I just got out baby stuff to give to my pregnant!! did that bring back memories!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great week!

  9. Aww...I think certain smells and old songs bring nostalgia to me...These are some beautiful photos. I hope to visit Florida again and hopefully Texas! My fiance has family in Texas and it would be awesome to go there to visit!