Saturday, August 25, 2012

- strawberry jello cake -

Okay, so today didn't go as planned. I have been cleaning instead, and now I am about to cook some curry for dinner. I had planned on going through and following back everyone who has followed me and replying to comments and reading through my blog roll and returning some comments! But now half the day has gone by, where I don't know! But it's time to cook some dinner! I have had a cup of coffee and a pastry today...that's what happens when I clean. I put off eating until I am showered and done doing what I need to get done! 

Not to worry, I will definitely get it done by tomorrow on "Lazy Sunday" so don't fret! I haven't forgotten every who has followed me and asked for me to return the favor! 

Have a great weekend!

I reached over 10,000 views today! Yay! I have technically only had this blog since I would say about May.. I think, I should double check that. I know I have "Archives" from 2011 but I didn't actually post them in 2011, they are just the dates of when those events occurred! A lot of the trips like my trip to New Mexico or Florida were before I had started this blog! I started this blog I believe in February, gave up on the design portion and didn't really start till May! 

* I just checked, I started doing real posts on May 25/2012


  1. I love the sound of this cake! And hey, no worries. If you check out my latest post, I hear you on wanting to have a productive day and then not sure where it all goes lol! Here's to a lovely weekend, nonetheless though.

    Cathy Trails

    1. I just read the post! Looks like we are on the same page!

      I entered your give away as well.


  2. I love how you're doing these recipe layouts!! I will pin them when I'm home and back on the laptop. I miss my MacBook is that sad? Lol first world problems

    1. Thanks! It all happened after we were working on the Blog hop posts!
      Hah nope, not sad.

      Thanks, I need to use Pinterest more often..

  3. I don't think I can succeed in baking the cake! I am so bad at baking! Ah congratulations on the views! :D

    Please check out! You can also follow me at backtofive's twitter too!
    You have to visit Bloggers Against Social Injustice too!

    See you there! :D
    backtofive's twitter

    xoxo backtofive

  4. have made this before and love this recipe!! we love your blog!

  5. Hi there! Just found you on the Blog Hop - I'm your newest follower! Would love a follow back at

  6. Ooh this looks yummy...
    lol I'm the same way. I need to make sure everything is done before eating or before sitting down to do something that can wait haha

    1. Its probably bad for our health ( I think I am talking about both subjects here!!) I just cant enjoy my food the right way with things to be done!

  7. Yum yum!! I love jello :-D adding this to my must try to replicate list hehe