Saturday, August 11, 2012

- the belle of the ball -

The first time I went to visit my boyfriend, Nickolas, was last year in December. Prior to that he was always on my case about going to the USMC Birthday Ball. I did and didn't want to go. I was happy that he asked me to go and was willing to pay for the flight but I just felt like it was too much money to spend, plus I didn't have a dress or shoes to wear and not enough time to get a proper gown for the event. I felt really bad because he bought my ticket, (before I even said yes!) but really, there wasn't much I could do.

Since this is his last year in the Marine Corps I thought it would be a good idea to go. His mother mentioned it and my grandmother said she wanted me to go as well. My grandmother has been to a French Ball back in her day but not a Military ball, but she said it would be a nice experience. Nickolas is getting out a few months early which is right in November and the USMC Birthday is November 10.

I have been looking all around the web at gowns, and the "Do's and Dont's" when attending a Military ball. It's a little stressful because I don't want to stick out like a sore thumb! I have more common sense then to wear some crazy "out there" dress but I just want to make sure I look appropriate. I have much respect to those who serve in the Military, any branch, and I don't want to appear disrespectful.

So this may be a little silly since I am not even sure if we will be able to go or if he will get out before the event, but I want to be ready.  It's hard to find a dress that doesn't look too much like a wedding dress or a prom dress. You can't really go to sites looking for a dress that is appropriate for a Military ball. And maybe I am over thinking this whole thing, I don't want to be frowned upon by his higher ups for what I am wearing, so I guess it's a big deal in my mind!

Here is what I have found so far on the web. The colors I am looking into wearing is Black, Dark Navy, or Red. I have considered white, because I read online that it was "acceptable" along with gold. Alot of these dresses (like the white ones) all come in different colors, including the ones I want to wear.

I really like this neckline, but the dresses are about 100 dollars more. I could do without the beading because it's a little much, but It's the neckline that I was really going for.

(Keep in mind that these dresses most likely won't be worn as the color they are)
((Unfortunately, the site doesn't show the dress in all the colors, they just show a color chart))

I am somewhat afraid that the sweetheart neckline will be a little too revealing. But the other options are more for older woman in my eyes. I know I need something to fit my body type as well! So much to think about. Try picturing these dresses in navy blue or black. Maybe even a sheer gold? 

Again, I want something simple and elegant, classy. Something that will compliment his dress blues but nothing that will seem like I am trying to "outshine" him, because it's not about me, its about him and his fellow Marines.

And last, but not least, this has to be my favorite one at the moment. The price is around $200.00, I would like it in black or dark navy and with the train removed.

All the dresses are from Light In The Box and can be custom sized but all are made upon ordering. They ship from China so I will need some time in advance to buy them. Light In The Box was the first site I found that had a wide selection and lots of reviews. This dress especially had a lot of reviews, 709 to be exact. Along with pictures of girls and woman wearing the dress. Right now (in my head) this is the dress I want, I hope the beading isn't too much?

What do you think? Have you been to a Military ball? Would you consider these dresses? Do they look too much like wedding dresses or prom dresses? Have you shopped from Light In The Box? 
Any opinion is appreciated! I need some help making up my mind or even some new sites to look at would be great! 
BTW, I am super excited! I love wearing dresses! 


  1. I am so jealous! That will be so much fun! Maybe you should send this to your boyfriend and ask him what ones he thinks will be appropriate. I really like the last one, I think the detailing is beautiful! You totally have to do a post or OOTN when you go to the ball! :)

    1. He's somewhat of a nerd, he dresses well, but I don't know what he would say! But i'm actually waiting for him to get off work so I can see what he thinks. I am soooooooooooooooo excited lol.

      You never know maybe one day you will get invited to one ;D

      The last one had so many compliments, it comes in light blue and a mint green too along with other colors, that are gorgeous! I would wear them but not for this event.

      And I will definitely do a post! I hope I get to go still lol

  2. Wow this is kind of exciting! The gowns look really lovely. I also like your favorite one hehe. Aw I hope you post pictures of the one you eventually choose!

    1. Good! I think it's ultimately gonna be that one unless i find something better from the mall!

  3. ooh so many lovely choices! going to a ball is a very special occasion that obviously doesn't happen every day, but I think you will know in your heart which dress you want so just GO FOR IT and then enjoy yourself :) make sure it isn't too long so you don't end up tripping over it while trying to dance, though!
    Steph from Canadian Beauty Reviews

    1. I agree, don't wanna be tripping over or tripping other people! And the thought of someone stepping on it and then I walk away and it rips! I think I have decided on at least the color.

      Thanks for reading Steph!

  4. I know a girl whose boyfriend is a militar and they've gone to many balls...if you give your email I could send you some pictures if you want so you can check out her dresses...

    1. That would be awesome!!! :) I would really appreciate that!

    2. Google should let us know when someone answers us...sending the photos right now!!

    3. I know! I was thinking the same thing last night and then got your email today! Thanks SOOOO Much! Friend is gorgeous.

  5. Oh I love those dresses :). I followed you and I just started a blog, it's dutch. But you could use translate of course. Following would mean alot to me! (I have a blog hop atm)

    1. Thanks!

      Yes for sure, I will check out your blog too!

  6. These dresses are all so amazing and beautiful. I really love your taste!
    I can understand how it would be really stressful to have so much to worry about in this situation, I'm sure you'll figure it out and everything will be fine. ♥
    I'd love to see the one you pick in the end!

    1. Yay! Glad you like them. Does your father ever go to the balls anymore? I'm sure he's been to some.

      I have one in mind, I just need to make sure, but I still have time.
      Thanks Chrissy. :)

  7. Amazing dresses!
    I've only ever worn a long ball dress for prom
    Stopping by from the GFC blog hop, Im co-hosting this week :)

  8. Hey girl! I'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm one of the co-hosts! Thanks for linking up!

    I hope you're having an awesome day! :)


  9. Hey, I love this! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog. Check it out girl!

    Liebster Award

  10. I am *in love* with the top left and bottom right of the first block of photos. Thanks again for linking up!

    WW co-host

  11. Hello Stranger!

    (I know that's what you should be saying to me..) but HEY! I haven't "seen" you in a while!
    I love the dress on the top left but probably in the colour of the top right! I haven't bought a dress from there but was wanting to one day so be sure to let us know if you got it and do a review!! :D
    Sherry! I feel like death! hahaha Been working
    on Uni and life in general! I have so much catching up to do!!
    What have you been up to? I am going to go through
    your posts soon! I am excited to get back into blogging.
    I did not expect uni to be so hard!

    p.s. I am liking the new design! seems like I have missed quite a bit! :(


    1. You have been away for so long!

      I love that dress too, just wish it was a different color! I definitely will write a review, so far I have read nothing but good things as far as the shipment.

      I have so much catching up to do :(
      I am glad you are back in the blogging world! It has been a sad sad time without you haha. I was like, she is probably very busy!

      I have been working on a few things myself, My boyfriend is getting out of the Military in November instead of Feb/march so I am trying to do some stuff before he comes so I don't lose focus because he's here. -_- he does that to me.

      Thanks! I am finally happy with it.. I think! I saw your new blog, I can't wait for more. You will be my workout buddy haha I need some motivation.

    2. Hahaha, how do you keep up with posts! I swear, you're one of the only bloggers that can! No matter where the posts are :) Naww that's really sweet! It made my day.. my horrible exam filled day! aHHH!

      Yay to early home coming!! You must be really excited!! Will he be bringing the kittens along? or has that been sorted? I really need to read up on all the stuff I missed :)

      I need a workout buddy! My boyfriend rarely go to the gym with me. At least we play tennis together.. once in a blue moon! hahaha


  12. I think you will look great with the sweetheart neckline! Don't get beading just opt for a strong necklace and classic/simple makeup. I think tan or beige is pretty because you want to stand out but not too much. Loving the 3rd look on top and the bottom gray dress...don't do anything ivory hehe keep us updated!


    1. Thanks for the tips Oanh! I think I may have decided on the grey dress, but in black.

      Simple makeup definitely, mostly on my eyes cause otherwise I look really young.

      I will be sure to let everyone know if I stick to it!

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