Friday, July 6, 2012

Sleeping Sickness

Tunes: Sleeping Sickness - City and Colour

Nickolas has to work at six in the morning so he is sleeping, I felt sick all day so I slept it off whenever I got back home, so now I am somewhat wide away craving all kinds of things.

I really miss baking, I use to bake all the time last year as well as cook, all my baking supplies sit in storage and now I just crave instead of create.

I'm really just rambling cause I don't know what to do with myself right now, everyone is asleep, well it is 1:37 in the morning, but even my friends are sleeping! I want to get creative but I feel like I have no energy to do so.

It's starting to look like I will have to make a trip to South Carolina if I want to get my cat back, there really is no other way it seems. I really didn't want to because It is a lot of money for a roundtrip ticket, and I know Nickolas will want me to stay but I really can't and will feel guilty in a way if I stay longer then a day. But then again, going for a day and spending that much money is kind of not worth it, not counting the fact that I will get my cat. Decisions, decisions I have fallen in love with her kittens over Skype. I just sit there in aw and envy Nickolas for being able to touch them and play with them while I can just stare at a computer. Although, it does make me appreciate technology a lot more.

I have never tried to take a medicine to put me to sleep but I think there is some Tylenol PM with my name on it with a tall glass of water. It's 2:22 now, where did the time go?

These pictures are from Skype that I took as I snapshot of the call, which is why they are such low quality, hopefully the 10th time I ask Nickolas if he will take some pictures of the kittens for me, he will so I can have some better ones! 

The only girl cat is not pictured, until the very last picture, she is quite the cry baby and jitter bug, she won't sit still for a photo.



  1. I have sleepless nights like that sometimes. More so a few years ago though...
    The kittens are so cute! I hope you figure out what you're going to do...seems like a hard decision.

    1. I hope it goes away, it's like I have to be completely worn out to get a good nights sleep.

      Me too, I hope I get her soon!

  2. Oh My God, i am dying from cuteness overload.