Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Inspiration

I wanted to share some music because I think music is a way to bond with someone and it is something that a lot of people keep close to them. Music plays a part in everyone's life, and for me I think it's a pretty big part, and I think for most people it is the same. I am always happy to find a new artist to listen to and share, or rediscover artists that I "use" to love.

At first I was going to share two artists with you (I had already written a separate introduction and everything) but then I changed my mind and I want to dedicate this post strictly to one artist for his birthday (7/23/2012).  I wasn't going to go too much into detail down to the roots of the artists and such, but this one is special.

Where to start? I have so much love for Ron Pope as an artist. His music is so moving, his lyrics are so well put together, and his sound often gives me the chills. You know those artists/bands that make an album and only have a few great songs? Well Ron Pope is NOT one of those artists. For me bands like Dashboard Confessional (and might I add that I have met with Chris Carraba in ATX on his tour bus with 2 others and he is very charming, I will post a video some day), Incubus, City and Colour, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Margot and The Nuclear So and So's are just some of the bands I listen to that can make a full album with "Top of the Charts" worthy songs and Ron Pope is right up there with them. If I could say everything I wanted to say about Ron Pope, I would probably end up with a full page of how great I think he is, and it will probably spill into more of a ramble.

Type Ron Pope into Pandora and you can expect to see other bands like Parachute, Jason Mraz, Joshua Radin, and Matt Nathanson. But honestly, and no offense to those other artists, but I don't think Ron Pope can be compared in all his greatness. (You can tell I really like him, huh?) I wish I was better at this because I can't seem to really describe his music. But I will try my best. His music consists of passionate lyrics, a naturally great voice, and great sound. A lot of his songs are about life struggles, such as struggles of a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship and are pretty easy to relate to.

His song A Drop In the Ocean (live in his living room) was on the show Vampire Diaries which brought a lot of viewers to his music. I have never seen that show, and personally think the Vampire craze is a little craze-y but I am thankful for that show because it was able to share his wonderful music.

I don't know Ron Pope personally, (of course I wish I did) but just through his Facebook, he seems like a down-to-earth guy, very outgoing and kind, passionate and grateful of his successes. I remember a time where we somewhat conversed through comments about his love of BBQ, Which wasn't the first time he replied to my comments, and often I see him reply to many of his fans. It's so nice to see someone who actually takes the time to respond to his fans, sort of in a way to show appreciation to them.

Here is just a bit from his websites Bio, I am not sure who wrote it, but it's pretty well said. 
"Ron Pope would never say so himself, but his extraordinary success story should give any record industry doomsayer hope. He is a hugely talented New York based singer, gifted guitarist and prolific songwriter with an incredible bluesy voice. He’s also an Internet sensation whose achievements of recent years are almost a preview of the music business of the future: viral, organic and hype-free...And he’s achieved all of this as an independent artist – no mean feat. Ron is also an incredibly prolific songwriter and has released seven albums since 2008, including three in 2009 alone.
Since he is an independent artist, he has to find ways to fund his tours, and it seems like he is always somewhere new playing a sold out show for his fans all over the world. I think right now he is in Australia. Recently he tried to raise enough money on the site Kickstarter for his tour, and sadly didn't raise the specified amount in order to be fully funded and since then I always felt the need to share his music and try to get him out there and get the credit that he deserves. 

Unfortunately, I haven't seen him live but I can only imagine how great he is live. I was actually in close to him when he was going to play in Atlanta, Georgia, but I ended up leaving SC before his show was scheduled. Now I just have to wait till he comes to Texas again. Just from watching his YouTube videos where he is sitting in his living room playing the piano singing you can tell he has that natural good voice that is showcased in his albums.

His songs vary in sound, some are soft and slow and some are upbeat but they are all great in my eyes. I could list them all here in all honesty and even some of his random covers, but here are a few songs to check out and I really hope you do. 

Find Ron Pope:

It's easy to like someone for there good looks, Ron Pope is with out a doubt handsome, but I am in love with his talent; his voice, his music, his words, his thoughts and his passion as an artist.


  1. Ooh awesome post! Music is definitely a great way to bond with someone :D (omg yay Dashboard Confessional! hehe)
    Wow I just listened to a couple of his songs and he has an amazing voice!!

    1. Yes, I am glad you agree. Chris Carrabba was sooo nice! and handsome too haha.

      He does, and I hope he gets big because I think he has great honest talent!

  2. I will definitely have to check him out! I'm your newest follower!

    1. Please do, he is really good!

      Thanks for stopping by

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  5. Hey Sherry! Thanks So Much for the birthday wish! You have been such an inspiration to me! I love all your posts! It's such a nice break from this stressful life! I hope that you have figured out what to do with the kittens! Have you?? Anyhow.. I better find a way to put in the reply button on my thing because otherwise it'd b hard to know who I'm talking to hahaha

    Lots of Love


    1. Oh and Ron Pope is awesome!!!!! Listen to Joshua Riden's Song "Winter" Best!!! xox

    2. Aw you're welcome Thia! Thanks so much, that's so sweet of you to say (: I enjoy your posts too because they are so different then what I normally find.

      The kittens are being given away to people we know, except one, but we are still looking. And as far as my cat, I should be going to get her on August 6, if I don't I don't know what I am gonna do besides cry -__-

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