Friday, July 6, 2012

Did you know?

Okay so last quick post before I head out.

My phone is off right now because I have been having some complications with paying for my bill due to it being an employee account on Sprint. It's kinda confusing unless you have worked at Sprint before, but basically I keep trying to pay it, but it's hard to access the account without the employee number, which I do not have because I wasn't the employee who gave me this account, so I have been without a phone since last Monday, and at first I put it off because I was busy all week and it really wasn't a big deal since my boyfriend was in town and the person I was gonna be with all week (him) was with me anyway. But now that I want to cough up the money since he is gone and I want to be able to talk to him, this problem came up, BUT thank goodness for technology and Google!

I have a Gmail account, (of course I do since I use Blogger) and I have always loved it as far as e-mail use, but did you know that you can make a call for free to any U.S number through Gmail? My dad told me about it, and I was like, wow, really? What do I need a phone for then? (a lot actually) so I have been making free phone calls from my Gmail account to call my boyfriend, grandma and friends and using Skype on my phone as a text message system, which, I could also use Facebook as, if I still had a Facebook account.

So I thought I would just share that with everyone, so if you are ever without a phone, just go to your Gmail on your Mac or PC, and go to the list where it shows your contacts and it should say "Call phone" from there you can call any U.S number for free! And if you are low on minutes, just use Gmail. I think this is so awesome, but tomorrow I might go try to sort things out with my phone, although, it's hardly necessary since I can still access the web on my phone.

Happy weekend everyone!

I am gonna go out with my friends, it has been SO long since I have seen them.
They call me a grandma now -__-


  1. Wow that's cool! Thanks for sharing this haha. I kinda want to try it right now for fun...

    1. Its pretty cool actually, you don't have to use minutes or battery life on your phone and do it all from the computer!