Friday, July 13, 2012

Burnt out?

I remember back in 2010, I would make my guy friends wait till I finished painting my nails to match my outfit before going to parties. I can picture myself sitting in one of the bathrooms in an all guy apartment waiting for my nails to dry. My good friend Garrett was always a good sport about it, well, I guess he had no choice. What can I say, I was a lucky gal! Maybe it's because I talked to them about girls, you know, the do's and dont's, the ones to aim for and the ones to stay away from.

But looking at those days, they seem so distant, now I find myself painting my nails once a week.

What happened to me? 

I have always loved painting my nails since I was very young, am I just burnt out? I just spent the past hour working with way too many colors to choose from to paint my nails. After painting them blue, letting them dry, painting them mint, letting those dry, and painting them nude, I resorted back to Heatwave by Wet-N-Wild. it's one of my newer polishes that resemble Time square by NYC and Salsa Margarita by CHI. I really love it against my skin tone, it dries fast, and lasts all week, and IF I get a slight chip then the formula makes it easy to just dab over and act like I never saw a thing.

 These are old pictures but that's Heatwave right there on my hand!

 I use to paint my nails at least 3 times a week, now I paint them maximum 2 times a week. Hopefully this is just a phase, and when I start up again, I will fall head over heels for painting my nails all over again.

Does this happen to you?

Someone asked me on Instagram how to do Floral nails. I spent so long trying to get the pictures just right, but I guess its not really one you can show with just pictures. Maybe I will save it for another day and randomly reply to them, its a good thing I don't know them so I won't feel as guilty.

 On another note, I am working on changing my blog.  Thanks to being an ever-changing Piscean I have grown bored of my layout, I need something new. So I've been busy as a bee working on graphics of sorts to change up my blog. Look forward to a new style (i hope)

And lastly, this is completely random, but I saw this Subaru commercial about a month ago, and I really liked the song on it, well I finally googled it and found it. This girl has a lovely voice, and I love Subaru, so it's perfect. Jenny O - Won't Let You Leave. Maybe you heard it and liked it too?

Until next time.


  1. Babe, have you ever tried nail polish design stickers? I tried once but failed. If you have any tricks or tips, pls share it with me.


    1. I never have actually, maybe if I saw what they looked like on some ones hand in real life I might consider!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Aw that's happened to me a few times. I think it's just a phase...hopefully you'll do your nails more often like before :D
    I like the way your blog is looking! Really nice!
    Haha I think I've heard that song from the commercial. It's a pretty good song!

    1. Even though I am going through the phase I still go out and buy nail polishes. Maybe I have more of an addiction to that!

      Thanks, I am not sure how I feel about it, still working on it though!

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  4. I'm a pisces and love Subaru! I have yellow painted nails right now, I try to change mine weekly but wish I had the discipline you have for changing it more in a week!

    Looking forward to more posts :)


    1. Yay, I have yet to meet another Pisces via blogging! Changing it once a week is so little for me, I use to change it so much! And thanks for the reminder that I need to get some yellow nail polish (:

      Thanks so much for reading Jo!