Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Black and Tan

There are a lot of purses at the Forever 21 I shopped at but not many caught my eye like this one did.

I really like the black and gold detailing. I like that it has a strap to use as a cross-body as well as the handle for use as a handbag. The only negative thing about this bag is when you have a lot of stuff inside (I had my wallet, make up, camera, cellular phone, iPad, and a small note pad) it kind of sags in the middle. It needs a interior snap button closure to keep the weight of the bag at level. The inside has two pockets large enough for a cell phone, and an average size digital camera. It also has a zipper pocket for anything you want to keep tucked away. It's a medium-large size bag perfect for the weekend that cost 32.80

After purchasing this bag, It seemed all my next purchases revolved around it, I was on the hunt for pretty black dresses and blouses to go hand in hand with this purse.

This is the second purse I bought about a week later from the first one, for the size of it I thought $19.50 was a good price, I like the front pocket because I can keep the things I use the most inside for easier access. It's a nice tan color, I was actually looking for a dark brown purse to match a pair of strappy heels I love to wear, but this tan/camel color always appeals to me. I love wearing this color with black, white, navy, grey, and so many other colors. It looks great in the summer and the winter too! It's also a medium large size purse, which I tend to go for because I have this tendency to always want to be prepared for the worst and carry a lot in my bag!

What kinds of hand bags or purses do you go for? Do you have any preference on color? Do you prefer large bags or small shoulder bags? 
Let me know and thanks for reading!


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    1. Thanks. Me too, I just throw everything in and i'm ready to go! I'm an overpacker, not just with suitcases, but purses as well!!

  2. I absolutely love these! This style is one of my faves. I have one that's similar that I got from Urban Outfitters and at the time, they had 3 different colors. I wish I picked up all three when they had them lol