Monday, July 2, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow


My boyfriend left today and I miss him already. We had such a wonderful time even though we didn't get around to doing all that we planned on doing, I guess I felt like it would be inappropriate in a way, to wake him up early on his mini vacation. He isn't use to sleeping in very often so trying to make him get up just to go to a museum or theme park, as enjoyable as it would be, just didn't seem like a good idea.

I took him to some places that he had never been, which is completely outrageous in my eyes. We went to Whole Foods at the Quarry Market for brunch and I was so happy that he loved it because sometimes, well most of the time, people probably think I am weird when I am expressing my love for a grocery store. I knew if he liked that store, he would love Central Market which is a nicer version of our local grocery store H.E.B. While I was in South Carolina, I couldn't believe how ridiculously overpriced (for me) groceries were. They had a Piggly Wiggly, Wal - Mart, Bi-Lo, and a Food Lion, I was so use to all the deals and specials my local grocery store had on top of there already low prices. I really love Central Market because they offer so many different types of foods. From cheeses, chocolate, fresh meat, wine, beer, candy, bulk items such as nuts, oats and grains, and an awesome bakery. They also opened up a mini sushi bar and there cafe got even better. We went two days in a row and grabbed a bunch of there Chef Prepared foods, loads of chocolate and other sweets, and sushi.

The second time around I planned on eating at a park, but due to the mild rain we ate in the back seat of the car instead. They I slipped off my heels and put on my sandals to take a walk through the dampened park. A little unconventional but definitely memorable. 

I am "really into food" so sharing my love of food makes me happy, and having someone who can appreciate maybe not as much, but who I can get to start appreciating it more, is great. We both also love chocolate and bought several bars from each store and picked up a bunch more from H.E.B to eat while watching a movie. Along with chocolate, I am a big fan of Sweet and Spicy. I love sweet and spicy meals and desserts, I have also started to really enjoy Sweet and Savory desserts as well. We found some Habanero Pralines and some Milk Chocolate with Himalayan Salt that were deeeeelicious!

That roughly explains most of the photos here, just in case you were wondering what all that food was.

So now that he is away, it's back to reality. Among other things, I need to figure out how to get my cat Kittehn to San Antonio without making a trip to South Carolina. I tried Pet Airways, but they don't fly to San Antonio, or anywhere in Texas for that matter. I don't have much time because he has to move back into his barracks room, but hopefully if we don't figure something out before September, I can her when we visit his parents in California.

We are on Skype and I got to see how big the kittens have gotten. They are up and walking and I think they are only 18 days old! Two white kittens, a black kitten, and a gray and white striped kitten. I'm pretty jealous that I am not around to take care of them.

While I gather up some photos for my upcoming posts, here are a few from our 10 days together. More to come later. Blogger needs to create a way to align photos, I have done it before successfully in other posts, but I gave up and just edited and made one big collage on Gimp2.

My next few posts I will be showing some new nail polishes, jewelry, clothes, and purses.


  1. :( aww Sherry.. I hope you can figure out a way to get them!! When will you be seeing him next?? All the best with everything :) Glad to have you back hahah xx

    1. P.S. You guys have a thing for Chilli Chocolates.. hahaha

    2. I might have to go up for a few days, maybe for 4 days soon so I can get them. They are so cute, I wish I had them, I feel like such a crazy cat lady but they really are so cute!

      Yes we do! I was updating the post when you left that comment explaining why we had so much chocolate! We have a thing for chocolate in general. I have a thing for food in general, especially sweets!

  2. Aw I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time together while he was visiting. I agree. Blogger needs to make that possible for photos!
    I love all your pics!

    1. Thanks Traci, such a nice thing to say compared to all your awesome photos!

      It's only possible if you sit there for a very long time and accidentally get it that way. I have no idea why they make it so hard!