Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July Nails

I didn't do anything fancy for these nails, I had my nails painted a bright red all week so it was easy for me to just cover up some chips when doing this nail art.

All you need is Red, White and Blue nail polish and a Clear glitter nail polish to use as a top coat.

I used:
  • Wet N Wild's Megalast in Heatwave for Red
  • Sinful Colors Nail Art in Bad Chick for white (You can use a nail art brush or paint brush for this)
  • Sinful Colors in Aquamarine for Blue
  • And Wet N Wild's Kaleidoscope

  1. Start by painting your nails Red. You can use just one thick coat if you don't plan on wearing these nails all week.  
  2. Next starting at the Pinky, paint your nails diagonally blue. 
  3. Paint your ring finger blue on the top half and switch off between the two. 
  4. Then, take the Nail Art Polish and paint white stripes following the direction of the painted blue nail polish. 
  5. Using the same Nail Art Polish I painted tiny stars, like the stars on your Keyboard, better known as an Asterisk. 
  6. Finish off with a clear glitter nail polish to complete the look. It kind of reminds me of sparklers or fireworks so I thought it would look good. 
Pretty simple and fast, it took me only about ten minutes including taking the pictures! I didn't worry too much of getting everything perfect, you can tell what it is right away and I will only have them on for the 4th! 


  1. I love it. So patriotic and not too difficult. And the sparkles are genius.

    1. And actually, looking at my nails, I might not change them tomorrow either! Thanks for reading!

  2. wild! i actually like the look before the white stripes a lot, very funky, and the red and blue complement one another well.

    1. I actually thought the same thing myself, I have never worn that blue before but I just might now

      Thanks for reading

  3. Very cute! I love holidays even more now that I've gotten more into makeup and nails!
    I also like that you listed the steps and showed pictures of your progress. (:

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