Sunday, June 3, 2012

Zodiac Nails

One early morning, or one late night, before I was trying to sleep, I got an e-mail, a wonderful e-mail from FP with the idea for Zodiac Nails. I jumped at that the idea to paint my nails like this. After all, my blog is named "I am Pisces" I have a love for the Zodiac, and reading my horoscope, so when this was offered to me, I went all in. I wanted to do it right then, but I was so tired, so I scheduled it for the early morning and voila! There are the results. It was pretty simple, and paired with the right outfit, you can really complete the look.

It's pretty easy to do, so I felt the need to take only a few pictures. Here's how.

I used Revlon's Gold Coin, this is one of my FAVORITE nail polishes to design with, it pairs well over black, and in this case, with black details. So, start by painting your nails Gold. This nail polish gives a pretty good coat, so I just used on coat.

Then you are going to take either a paintbrush with black nail polish, a nail art pen, or a nail polish with a thing brush and create these designs. They are fairly simple. You can also use a permanent marker if you don't have any thing else, it does come off with nail polish remover and is non-toxic.

And here are the designs. I almost wanted to do all PISCES! Because I just love it so much, but instead, on this hand I just did signs of the people in my family, oh and my boyfriend (: