Thursday, June 14, 2012

What a long day

As soon as I said "What a long day" I thought to myself, wow, I am getting tired pretty easily.

I remember I could stay up all day and all night and throughout the next day, ah, back when I was young! Well I'm not that old, but I know what the problem is, but without really thinking about it today, I bought my self some running shoes. I have been wanting to buy some for quite a while now, but I didn't want to spend a lot. I was being cheap. I wanted some Nikes that were about 100or more I believe. The color was AMAZING. But something about spending that much on running shoes that will just get ruined just makes me say NO WAY. I could spend that money on a couple of dresses! And knowing the way I like to run, and where I like to run, there is no chance for those shoes. I like rough terrain, rocky hills, mud, and small streams through one of my favorite parks here called O.P Schnabel.

I sure wish I had a running partner.

Well, I don't know much about shoes, but these were practically half off. They were originally 100.00 and they were a little more then half off coming out to 48.53. I cannot wait to test them out, all I got to do is avoid sweets, which is pretty hard for me and eat more vegetables, which is easy for me. Eating veggies is super easy because I love them all, but I still want my sweets, which is pretty hard to stop eating. Also, I eat a lot of rice, not as much as I use to, but being Asian we can eat rice with any meal.

Fried Chicken and white steamed rice anyone?


  1. Do you want chilli with that? :P (Try this one called Sambal ABC)

    My dad got me a pair of Nikes, it was pink.. I'm not a pink girl my self hahaha but I think I know which one you're talking about though!

    By the way, I know it's kinda rude to ask, but are you by any chance Indonesian? You kinda look like someone who would have lived there, don't have to answer if it's too rude haha and I would happily be your running partner.. if I wasn't all the way in Australia!

    1. I don't think I have ever seen that kind here! But sounds good, usually I just end up eating Sriacha.

      I might have to go back and return these because according to reviews they are not good for running or walking! What a shame, they are so comfy. I want these mint color ones, they are so pretty.

      It's not problem, but I am not Indonesian! I am actually half Filipino and half Hispanic which is why I look so odd. Also, my Grandfather lives in Australia! I wish I could go there, let's just run halfway towards each other! Ha ha.

      I did some squats yesterday, talk about out of shape!

    2. Why bother producing anything that's not good for running or walking? Those silly people! You don't look odd at all!

      Have you ever done pilates before? I would trade running and squats for pilates any day, it's very good for your core strength and to tone up your body.

      I will say hello to your grandfather *starts to say hello to random men* hahaha I'm running towards you as I type but there appear to be water and a lot of land in between :/

      By the way, Thank you for your message on on of my posts :)

    3. I think they were just in competition with all these other toning/shaping shoes. My boyfriend says I look "unique" Lol that better be a good thing.

      No, I actually don't really know too much about exercising, but I wanted to start doing Yoga. Right now the easiest thing for me is to go running because I can just pick a time to do it and it doesn't require weights, just a good pair of shoes.

      Start saying hello to random Caucasian men who are dressed up or at least wearing a collared shirt and slacks, you might reach him better that way.

      Have you been to the states before?

      You're very welcome! I enjoyed getting to learn a little more about you.