Saturday, June 2, 2012

Upcoming posts

I'm such a creative person that for me, it's a shame that I don't have more DIY posts.

When I lived by myself, ( the 4 years!!!) which I haven't for a few months now, I use to do so much crafting. Constantly reusing, recycling items to make use of them in my apartment. I used what I had, and I loved it. (If only I kept up with my blog back then, and took pictures of what I had done..sigh) so, I am going to come up with a few posts to remind myself, to get them done, and show others, what's to come.

Here is a model I made of the store Anthropoligie.


  • DIY Earring holder
  • DIY Necklace holder
  • DIY clutch
  • DIY from old to new purse/clutch/wallet
  • DIY Shirt to skirt
  • DIY Photo journal


  • Mascara review
  • Lipstick review
  • Nail polish review
  • Homemade chap-stick
  • Homemade lip gloss


At least 5 more NEW nail art designs and maybe a tutorial


  • Look for less


  • Some of my favorite easy peasy recipes.

Here is a clutch I made out of 2 TOMS Flags


  1. That Tom's clutch is super cute! I've always wanted to make my own clutch but I never got around to doing it or even figure out how to do it.

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