Sunday, June 10, 2012

Social Networking.

The other day I saw in my "Traffic Sources" that I was found on Stumble Upon and Pinterest.

I had created a Pinterest account, but then deleted it because I didn't understand how to work it, I was following people I didn't want to follow and didn't know how to unfollow them, mind you I was only on for about an hour, but It just gave me the idea that I no longer wanted a Pinterest account.

But when I saw something of mine on Pinterest, I start to feel like I wasn't getting the credit, that my image would float around the internet for Pinterests use and I felt like it was mine, well, really it was mine.

So today I got an e-mail that said I was invited, I do now want to join, but I am puzzled by the fact that I MUST join using Facebook or Twitter. I deleted my Facebook account about 2 weeks ago now, and I have to log into it to get into my Beautylish account, and now I must if I use Pinterest. So I gave in and clicked the button to go to "Login with Fb" and because I have had to reactivate my Facebook and then deactivate it, I am temporarily locked out of Facebook, which means I have to wait till some time tomorrow (24 hrs, so I guess around 4:00) to join.

To me this is frustrating because It's like I HAVE to have a Facebook. But I do not want a Facebook anymore, but If I want to use these sites, I guess I have to have one now. For me it is kind of a big deal because choosing to have a Facebook should be my decision, and I don't think it's good for the company really to say you need to connect with Facebook or Twitter. Maybe I don't want followers, but want it for my own personal use! But what else can I do, just as with Beautylish, I tried to change my account to unlink Facebook, but all I ended up doing was creating a whole new account which lost my followers and the people I was following. Sigh. I guess you really can't escape Facebook, and I am glad I have never created a Twitter. But maybe I will create an account and accept no followers and follow no one so I can sign up for things like Pinterest and have it for personal use.

I know it is to help, but I think they should have the option to opt out of connecting with Facebook or Twitter from the BEGINNING.

What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Hey, found you on Follow me back ;)