Friday, June 15, 2012

The Red Midi

The Red Midi

My freshman year of high school, I went to a school called Earl Warren, there school colors were Purple, Silver, and Black. My sophomore year I switched schools and went to a school called William. H. Taft, and there school colors were Red, Black, and White. I hated wearing red. But my Junior and Senior year I had to wear Red a lot. My senior year I was president which meant I had to sport the school colors, I always felt weird in red, I could do Maroon or Burgundy, but Red? Then after High school I worked at two places where our uniforms were red. It's like I couldn't escape this color. Well I don't know what has changed or if it just kind of grew on me, but I bought a red midi skirt online the other day, I cannot wait till it comes in the mail. While I wait I thought it would be a good idea to get an outfit together. I hope it comes before my boyfriend gets here too. I actually think red could be a good color for me, I usually love to wear a a bright red nail polish so I am hoping I don't regret this buy.


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    1. Glad we could agree! I'm hoping I love it (or the one that's similar) when it comes in the mail!