Monday, June 11, 2012

Purse Makeover

So I'm finally getting around to posting these pictures from the other day when I went to a thrift store and I found two purses that I wanted to give a makeover.

I went in looking for a small clutch wallet, but didn't find one. I went to two different stores. At the first store I found the purses, the first I found was the tan one, it was 9.99, the only reason I spent 9.99 at a Thrift Store was because it was in great condition, it looked completely unused, and it is real leather. It even still smells like leather. I went searching around for a wallet but found nothing that looked good enough to be redone. I found the white purse hanging up on the wall and inspected it. It also was unused, completely white, and when I opened a pocket, it had a wallet inside! I immediately knew I wanted it, and it was 3.99.

I feel like if I go in search of something at a thrift store I give myself a lower budget because it is a thrift store. Sometimes I feel like, why am I paying this much? But in reality, it's not that expensive at all. Family owned thrift stores are always cheaper and I find that on the lower side of town they have more vintage items at a cheaper price. I found the two purses at a Goodwill on the nicer side of town, which I have noticed they have raised there prices among all the Goodwill stores. The second store I went into always has a nice selection of vintage items at a lower price. I have found vintage sheets, pillow cases, scarves, jewelry, and nicknacks at a great price. I think they are unaware of the growing trend of shopping that second hand shops among young adults so they have yet to raise there prices.  I could buy a bunch from that shop if I had the lack of self control that I use to have, but I'm getting better and I try to stick to what I intended on buying. I did purchase one scarf for 1.41 which is what the purses in the picture are laying on top of.

I cannot wait to give them a make over and find a new use for the scarf, All I need are a few art supplies to get this DIY done.

Look for the post around Friday, I think by then I will have one done.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these! I like the white one. Is a Thrift store like a charity shop?

    I followed you. Follow back? x

    1. Um a thrift store is just a store that sells second hand goods. Not necessarily a charity shop. You can give them your old clothes and they will sell them at a low price.

      Thanks so much for checking out my blog, I will be sure to check yours out asap :)and i cannot wait to get this project done too

    2. Oh right, okay! I have a couple of boring bags, so I could do with some help transforming them, haha! :)