Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pops of colour

Pops of colour

"I just love clothes, I wish I had them all"

I find myself saying that a lot.

If I won the lottery I would go shopping every single day.

Well, I would do a lot more then that with the money, like help my grandmother, and father, and do something for my grandfather, and help animals and friends, pay people back for how they have helped me and so on. (Straying off topic here)

..Anyway, I find putting these boards together almost...therapeutic, but then sometimes it just makes me sad because I don't have those clothes.  But in a way, when I think about it, even if I was rich, I wouldn't blow my money on clothes of such expense. Seriously, I couldn't imagine spend $500 on a blouse. Well, actually, I couldn't imagine spending $125 on a blouse. Maybe on a purse, or some shoes, or some shades. But a blouse? No thank you. I don't think I could even spend that on jeans knowing I could get them cheaper somewhere else.

I know some people rag on Forever 21 for sometimes, there lack of quality in there products, but when I think about it, clothes trends are changing SO OFTEN that I won't be needing/wanting those clothes for a long time that they need to be built for a lifetime worth of wear. I go through shoes so much, constantly lose jewelry, and forget about blouses and dresses that I once adored. So, I have no problem saying I shop at Forever 21, and yes, my shirt only cost me $19.80, I am all about saving. I find it unnecessary to buy expensive things, that I could find somewhere else for less. Although when I was little, and I did want to be a fashion designer, and do have a love for people like Marc Jacobs and am fond over Oscar De La Rentas dresses, buying those things are out of reach for me, and even if they were, I doubt I would be purchasing them.

The outfit above and all its accessories probably costs well over 300 dollars. That's a little much for me. But I love playing around with these boards, mostly for "inspiration" it helps me when I go shopping, I just click and view things I already put together, and find pieces that look a like, and go from there. That way, when I'm short on time, I can just hit the shop and go, which I'm sure would make shopping with me more bearable for my boyfriend.