Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Look for less

Look for less

When I created this look, I created it with no intention on going out and buying it. I simply just thought it was pretty, and yes, of course I would wear it. But then the pieces all starting coming to me starting with the high low skirt. I bought the skirt about 4 weeks ago from Forever 21 for only 13.80, I absolutely loved it. I had no intentions of finding it that day, I wasn't even looking for it, It just happened. Then I came across this set and It clicked that I had bought a skirt just like that. And from there, it all just fell into place. The last two Items I needed was a sheer creme or white colored top and that beautiful mint green necklace. And today, I found just that. Everything else in the set, wasn't so hard to find, I already had something like it. I am so glad I found that black skirt because without it, I never would have really thought to try and find the rest of this set to complete the outfit. 

So here is the look I created for less. 

The white top was $5.00 on sale at Charlotte Russe, I had purchased it thinking it was $11.00 but turns out it was on sale. The necklace was also from Charlotte Russe and cost me $7.50. The black skirt, was $13.80 from Forever 21. The shoes I already had and bought from Shi on sale for $20.00, the brown belt came from a dress I bought from Papaya. The nail polish is Maybelline Color Show which I just purchased the other day for about $2.00. The bangles are from Forever 21 and came with a full set of 10 for $5.80. The sunglasses are from Express and cost my boyfriend (haha) $20.00. The brown satchel was a DIY Project I haven't finished that I bought at Goodwill for $10.00

So this outfit came together kind of on its own for about $84.10 and the original set (excluding the blush) was $2,366 with the necklace being the most expensive item, and sunglasses coming in second at $405!

I just realized I didn't photograph the sunglasses, so I will post a picture tomorrow with them!

How do you think I did? Would you wear this look?

Have you ever created a "look for less?"