Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Little Black (Peplum) Dress

I have always loved dresses of this form, a high neckline, sleeveless, the kind of dresses you would see Jackie Onassis Kennedy wearing. And this dress is that and more, it's the little black dress in my favorite style with some edge. The plunging V-neck with the lace detailing caught my eye right away, and then I turned it around and saw the back cutout and new this dress was for me. This dress was everything I could ask for in a dress, it was edgy and sexy, but with the lace detail, it helped make it more wearable for a girl like me, and to add to that, it's in style with the Peplum design. When I went to the rack to look for it, it was the last small, I knew there was no way I could leave this store without it in my hand. I went in with the intentions on buying some basic shirts to wear on a lazy day, and came out with that, and this dress. Luckily I had my dads girlfriend along with me to tell me how good it looked on me. I want to go to Downtown to the Tower of Americas with my boyfriend one night, and I know JUST the dress I am going to wear. I just have to find the shoes and jewelry to fit it!

And here are the basic tops I found, the first one was 10.00 and the second was 5.00. I love the detailed cutouts in the back of the first one, and on second one it has a black zipper going down the back


Well, tomorrow my boyfriend will be home again, he hasn't been back in 4 years! Unfortunately he isn't going to stay permanently, just till the 2nd, and my poor Kittehn isn't coming down since she had her babies and I can't convince the airlines to let them come along. I will try to stay active with posts! 

Super excited for tomorrow my stomach is filled with butterflies!


  1. Dying over the dress and that Jade necklace! Found you on Beautylish, absolutely lovely blog <3
    -Imani Love

  2. Love these! Aww enjoy your time together!! <3