Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have officially been back home in Texas for a month now, and I have to say, May was a pretty good month.

I got a job a week after I arrived, My grandfather came down from Australia and I got to spend everyday but 1 day with him during his stay, I got to go to all the places I so very much missed while away for 6 months, and I've got things better placed for the future.

I was away from home, for 1 year, came back for about a month and a half, then left again for 1 month, came back due to my uncles passing, and left again for 5 months. Talk about crazy, I feel like I am ready to settle down.

But now I've got good news and my boyfriend is coming down in 10 days from South Carolina! AND he is bring my Kittehn with him. I'm super excited to see the both of them. He hasn't been home in 4 years due to the Military, and although he does get out next year, he's still making the trip down to see me.

So the next couple of days are going to consist of gathering tons of information regarding the flight, and pet travel, and getting lots of other stuff done as well. I need to come up with a bunch of things for us to do while he's down. I feel as if there is so much to do, but I am extremely excited. I feel "giddy."

I wanted to kind of "stay put" for a while, but with him coming down, I know I am gonna be all over the place, not to mention we might make a trip to California in July. Did I mention how much I LOVE airplanes, air travel, the airport?

Well, just thought I would share, I no longer have a Facebook anymore so I feel like this is my only outlet.


UPDATE: 3 hours later from posting this, I get a text from my boyfriend, looks like I have to wait till the 22 for him to come down! Ah, the Military!

She thinks she's the coolest cat in the world, and she is.
We were being kids again


  1. I fell in love with your blog and became your follower!! :) you can follow my blog too, if you want :) Happy summer and all the best for you!!


  2. Thanks so much Susanna! I checked out your blog, and followed as well.