Tuesday, June 19, 2012

F21: Skirt reviews

My second package came in and I am completely in love with it! Just like yesterday, I was impatiently waiting for it to come in. (I bet the people at the office think I'm weird for squeezing it in my arms and smiling.) This package was mostly skirts, although I am a dress girl because I love to just throw a dress on and not have to worry about finding anything else but jewelery. The package all together was 64.47 and contained 6 items.

Compared to my last shipment, I got 3 more items and it cost me 3 dollars less.
Shipment 1 - 3 items/67.00
Shipment 2 - 6 items/64.47

F21 skirt

On to the reviews.

The first Item is just a flowy blue skirt that came with a faux leather belt. The price was 13.50 and is a size small. The fabric is nice and soft and extremely wrinkled in the picture, it is 100% Viscose. I like it but I am afraid of how wrinkly it will get so I think I will iron it and try it on and sit down for 5 minutes or so to see how fast it gets wrinkled.

The second item is just a plain white Cami. (sorry bad photos) I am planning on wearing it with my Red or Rose midi skirt. It is the perfect white for summer and to be paired with all kinds of bottoms. You can also use it as an undershirt or to sleep in.

The Rose Midi skirt was 12.50 and is more so a peachy rose color. I had bought a high-low skirt from F21 before and came up with using it also as a high-low maxi, so when I got this I pulled it up past my bust and voila, once again, it was also long enough to be worn as a flowy tube dress! All it needs is a belt and it can be dressed up or down. I just used the brown belt that came with the blue skirt to take the picture here. It is a size S but it is a little bit bigger then I thought it would be for a size S.

 The Red Midi skirt was what I anticipated the most, it was only 12.50 and I love it. As I said above, I belted it at the waste to wear as a flowy tube dress. It looks completely normal and I don't think anyone will notice that it is a skirt, which is why I love by Midi's or maxis because they have multiple uses! This skirt was also slightly bigger then the average size S from F21

The first item is a teal dress with a daisy print. It was 15.80 and fits perfectly. I got a size small and everything from the bust to the waist fits just right. If you have a larger bust then a size B I wouldn't suggest getting a Small only because the bust part is small as well and you would probably be falling out everywhere. So basically, unless you are petite all the way around I do not recommend this dress to you. Everything about this dress for me and my size is perfect, it is not too short or too long.The fabric is also lightweight but not see through.

The second item is just a basic Cami, it can be used as an undershirt or paired with skirts, shorts or pants. They are also comfy to sleep in!


  1. I think I need to go shopping at Forever 21 now, haha!

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  3. Oooh more awesome stuff! You're making me want to go shopping lol. I love how Forever 21 is affordable!

    1. I'm making myself want to go shopping for more! Yes, me too, trends change so often that F21 makes it easy to keep on shopping!

  4. Hey, I just found your blog on beautylish and I love it! I knew it would be a great blog since within the first five blogs there were two about forever 21, and I love that store! I'm following you now and would love it if you would take a look at my blog!


    1. Thanks Rachele! As you can see I love F21 also! I will check out your blog soon (: