Monday, June 18, 2012

F21: Dress Review

Today I sat very impatiently waiting for my package to come in the mail.

I kept tracking the order only to find out that it was delivered at 11 this morning. I checked the office, and no sign of it, turns out the mail man stuck it in the mailbox, a very, small mailbox. When I finally got it home I was super excited! But the package was small so I couldn't see how 3 dresses fit inside. I thought about it and I guess the last order I got had shoes which is why the box was so big. I gladly opened it up and rushed to try them on. I was pretty happy because they all look so nice wrapped up.

The order cost somewhere around 67.00, For 3 items and had free shipping. I ordered it on the 12 and it came today, if I had ordered it on a Monday I think it would have came by Thursday. The package wasn't messed up, just a tad bit wrinkled, and everything was wrapped very neatly. I got three dresses in this package, all less then 23.00

On to the reviews:

The first dress is a mint colored dress with lace details along the bust. The straps are adjustable and the fabric is good quality for 22.80. It has a side zipper and I got a small, it fits true to size and isn't too short (which is VERY important to me) Although the fabric is light and airy, it's not see through and it's of good quality and soft. Overall VERY happy with this dress, love the flowy feel and the soft fabric, perfect summer dress.

The second dress is a denim blue dress. I am not sure if the fabric is really denim but it is lightweight. It was wrinkled but I am sure it's just from being packaged for so long, nothing an iron won't fix. I read reviews on that it was too short, well it fits me perfectly, I wear shorts under my dresses usually anyway but it's not too short to begin with. This dress was 19.80. The back has a nice cut out that ties with a bow (I forgot to photograph! Will do later) and a zipper on the side to easily slip on and off. Overall I love this dress and I cannot wait to wear it. I really liked the fit, not too tight and it was comfy too.

 The last dress is a bright pink peplum. The top resembles a bustier that is lightly padded to keep it's shape. It has a zipper in the back and is made of a light fabric. It fits true to size, again, I got a size small. I am not sure how I feel about this dress just yet. Maybe after I iron it I will be able to tell if I really like it.

F21 Review



  1. Thanks so much for finding me!!! :P
    I love you layout too! Yay for white! It's so clean-looking. I like what I see on your blog and I can't wait to keep in touch with you! (I hope that doesn't sound scary lol. I like meeting other bloggers ^.^
    I love the items you got here! They're really cute!

    1. You're welcome! I owe it to someone else you followed that I was checking out :) Not scary at all, I like to bloggers who actually interact with eachother.

      Thanks so much! (:

  2. Replies
    1. I liked it but it's more for girls who are curvier up top if you know what I mean! It was only 19.80! You should check it out online!

  3. The color of the first one is so beautiful ! Great buys !!

    - Shubana
    -- CoeurDecors

  4. I love the mint and the red one! I need to go dress shopping, and I'm obsessed with Forever 21 at the moment, but I hate buying dresses online, it's always a nightmare! I have a hard time finding one that fits when I'm in a shop never mind going in practically blind online lol! I'm such a gran!

    1. The mint one is my favorite, I have been buying nothing but dresses lately. I just bought one today that I am completely in love with, it's a peplum dress! I will post pictures later though. Yes, buying online is going blind, but I do it sometimes because when I am on a budget of some sort, I like to take my time and calculate things and read reviews and such, to see if I am getting the best deal from what I am wanting to spend. But I agree sometimes it can be a disaster!