Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Wallet Makeover

As I posted the other day, I went to a second hand shop in search of the perfect purse and wallet to give a make over.

I found this white wallet inside a white purse I picked up. I knew it would be PERFECT for a DIY makeover. The process is fairly easy,  but does require some art skill. You can go extreme, or simple if you aren't that creative. In this picture tutorial, I will be showing you the basic steps, but you don't have to copy the exact design, I did not show how to do each detail in my design. So make it personal, but I will be here to help with any questions or design suggestions.

 You will need:
A clutch/wallet/purse

Acrylic paints in several colors.
Decent paint brushes, thin and medium sized
Paper plate for mixing paints
Painters tape or white masking tape

Any brand matte clear acrylic sealer (such as Mod Podge)
Q-tips & Rubbing Alcohol for spot clean up

 Wipe down your wallet to ensure that is clean, this will provide a better surface for paint to adhere to. Begin to place your tape where you want to create clean straight lines.
 Paint the line with a thin even coat. You will and should need more then one coat. Let dry in between coats for a smooth finish.

 Most of my design was free handed, but use the tape as a guide to create straight lines. Be sure paint is completely dry before you put tape over it so It doesn't come off when you remove the tape.
 I had some minor mistakes so I just cleaned it with a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol

After the paint has dried, spray the sealer in even strokes over the wallet. They have detailed instructions on the back of the can. Let dry and sit back and admire your work of art! This wallet was 3.99 at the second hand shop. It's worth a lot more to me now!


  1. What a cool DIY! It turned out really good.

    - Shannon

    1. Thanks so much. I feel like, re-doing it but I'm not sure just yet! But thanks so much for checking it out!

  2. Adored <3
    where did you find it from?

  3. Thank you!!

    Where did I find the wallet from? I'm not sure if that's what you meant, but I bought the wallet at a thrift store/second hand store. It was 3.99, you can find them for cheaper. I hope I answered your question! Thanks so much for reading Huixin!

  4. Amazing! Such a cool idea! I really love your diy posts!

  5. This wallet looks amazing. I think I'll have to have to have a try, fingers crossed it turns out as good as yours!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Rachel! Try a more simple design and use the tape to create geometric shapes!

  6. I am in love with this wallet . Great job on it .

  7. I'm super late!! But I love this wallet :D so creative!


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