Thursday, June 21, 2012

Could you eat a whole Avocado by itself?

I could. I love avocados, plain or paired, there is something about them that just tastes so damn good. I can't really explain an avocado, it's buttery and smooth, almost melt in your mouth kind of feel, and I can't get enough of them. I have had a whole avocado every day of this week (talk about a good week) and tonight I made my self a dish with avocado that just made me want to talk about it.I am probably even going to make it for breakfast because I liked it so much. When I was little I remember my mother eating an avocado cut into thin slices with sugar on top. I tasted it, and ate it, and I probably liked it, but as I got older I started to think, wait, no one else eats avocados with sugar? They eat them with....tomatoes? What? Then one year (2005) they opened up a shop here called Bobalicious, a place that sells Bubble Tea, and the San Antonio flavor was avocado and strawberry. I just got plain avocado because I loved them so much, and it occurred to me, ...other people did eat avocados with sugar, people of Asia. A few years later I found myself eating sandwiches and skipping the Miracle Whip and adding avocado, or eating some whole grain toast with slices of avocado for breakfast. Avocado was my new staple. I remember one year, I believe California had wildfires or no rain, or something of that sort, some sort of natural disaster, and the avocados were so expensive, and there were hardly any to sell. I was sad, genuinely sad over a avocado. So tonight I am giving an ode to avocados. They are not only good to eat, they are good for you, a great healthy fat, good for your skin, face masks, and scaring your annoying little brother into thinking you have turned into the swamp monster.

Here are some things you should try with avocado
  • BLT's - Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwiches + avocado
  • Fideo - That mexican looking spaghetti + avocado
  • Vanilla Ice Cream shake + avocado
  • Any sandwich + avocado
  • Toast + avocado
  • Strawberry banana smoothie + avocado
  • Mango mozzarella quesadilla + avocado
  • Peach mango salsa + avocado
  • Bacon wrapped chicken with tomato + avocado
  • Roasted tomatoes + avocado
  • Sugar + avocado
  • Veggie taco - Flour tortilla with lettuce, Pico De Gallo, ( diced jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro, squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper) + avocado

 And here is the simple recipe to what I just ate
  • 2 slices 12 grain bread, toasted
  • 1 any red tomato
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 whole avocado
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 tbs oil
Pour oil into pan and start to heat at medium high. Add eggs while the oil is heating. Put bread in toaster and toast. Fry eggs until the yolks become slightly firm but still runny, with a gooey consistency. Add pepper and salt to the eggs. Remove toast from toaster, place on plate side by side like in the picture above, place one whole egg on each toast and one whole egg in the middle, top with fresh sliced tomatoes, and avocado. Sprinkle with more salt and pepper. Dash of hot sauce if you'd like. Take a knife and slice down the middle where the bread meets to cut the egg that was placed in the middle in half, this will break the yolk and create a yummy "sauce" for your toasted bread. Eat like toast or simply place the two pieces together and eat like a sandwich!

Enjoy your avocado!

Yes, I did just write a whole post about avocados


  1. Yum! I actually didn't like avocados as a kid, but I absolutely love them now! I've only eaten avocados in sandwiches, salads, and with milk and sugar :) I need to try the ones you listed!! I'm kind of hungry

    1. They make salads taste so much better and much more filling. If you like them with milk and sugar, try blending them with some vanilla ice cream to make a shake.

      I had a chocolate avocado vegan pie once.. that was interesting, but was a favorite among the vegans.

    2. Yea, they definitely make a salad very filling! Oooh that shake sounds good! I will try that out :)
      Wow that pie does sound interesting..

  2. I couldn't, but my 1 year old son does! He loves them ;)

    1. Well that's good, I mean, they aren't the most attractive vegetable or fruit! and they are great for him.I wonder what it is that he likes about them.

  3. I love Avocados and these are all great recipes. They're delicious on salads and sandwiches, and also as guac. Thank you for visiting my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  4. I love love love avocados! A girlfriend of mine asked me how I could eat them when they're so filled with fat, but it's GOOD fat. It's fat that we should have in our diets. I actually love eating them with goat cheese and freshly ground pepper. It's my favourite snack, although I totally agree with you that adding avocados to salads and sandwiches makes everything taste so much better!

    1. Yes! Good fat! I haven't tried it with goat cheese but that sounds really good, and freshly grounded pepper makes all the difference, I actually love pepper as well.

      I am glad we are on the same page ;D