Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Certain Shade of Green

A Certain Shade of Green

This has always been one of my favorite colors, so when it was decided that it was going to be "the color of the season" I was all for it.

I put together this collection because I know some people who think this color is simply "unwearable"  Maybe they think that it is a little too "out there" but you can incorporate this color into your wardrobe through many different pieces. You don't have to go full on with mint green pants, but a mint green necklace, clutch, purse, ring, or even nail polish, is a small, yet affective way to get beloved color in, and a great accent to your neutral toned outfit. But if you are like me, this collection also offers great pieces to sport throughout the summer.


  1. Beautiful! I think this colour is very flattering myself1 I love your images! Makes me wanna go shop! noooo lol!

    1. The color looks so great on light skin! I love it too. Thanks so much (: It makes me want to shop as well, but at least I can put the look together then go out and search for it so it's kind of like I'm on a mission that way my boyfriend won't get too annoyed :3