Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Are you watching Venus transit the sun?

is everyone watching Venus transit the sun?

if you aren't go outside, with some sunglasses of course or just watch online

View here on LIVESTREAM



  1. I watched it! :)
    Found you through beautylish ;)
    blog: www.lidiabyrne.blogspot.com
    Beautylish: www.beautylish.com/lidiabyrne

    1. Thanks so much! I will check out your blog asap!

  2. I had actually planned to get up for 4am to watch the transit in England but the weather was appalling, you couldn't see a thing. :(
    I've followed your blog. It's so professional looking. I would love for you to follow back? :) xx

    1. England! How lucky, I live in the states, but I too couldn't see it, unless you had a telescope or special welders glasses you would burn your eyes! But I watched it on a site called Livestream.com they showed the whole thing.

      Thanks so much for your lovely comments, I worked pretty hard on getting my blog to look the way I wanted it. If you need any tips on the graphics you can always ask, i'm no pro, but I will try (:

    2. Hey, i was quite upset not being able to see the transit, but i watched it on Livestream.com too which was interesting listening about the facts. :)

      I've just been reading your blog tips. They're very helpful and i'll be sure to check some more out - You have good tips on how to promote a blog without spamming. You're so true... I also hate when people join my blog and when i follow back, they unfollow! Very frustrating and just plain rude!!! So please keep up the great tips. :) xx

    3. Yeah, I don't know if very many people could see it via telescope! Plus you would be outside for several hours. But Livestream did a great job with it.

      Yeah, I know one girl who does that, from Beautylish, I never followed her though. Thanks so much Lauren and I saw that you changed your blog up, looks cute!