Sunday, May 27, 2012

From the garden

I love my Grandmother. She is practically my Mother, but definitely my Mom. She means so much to me, so it was really nice to see her this past week when my Grandfather was in town. Just me, her and him. My favorite part of my grandmothers house is her Garden. She spends so much time out there, constantly planting flowers, fruit, herbs, a vegetables, in a way, it's a part of her.


  1. Your Grandmother has a beautiful garden. I am happy that you got so spend some time alone with your Grandparents. They are special people in our lives meant to be treasured. I sure do miss mine.

    1. Yes Grandparents are the best. My grandmother is like my mom I love her so much! I am actually with her right now!

      Thank you so much for reading this (: