Thursday, May 24, 2012

From down unda!

My grandpa is in town from Australia, and my sister and I were going to spend the day with him. We were early for an appointment, so we stopped by the Air Force Base. He gave us some spending money, but I had no idea what I was going to spend it on.

Then it clicked! Clinique!

Clinique is SO MUCH CHEAPER on base, which is awesome for me because my trial pack was only 10.00. I started looking around for the usual, the 3-step, when I decided see which SPF I should buy, I didn't want to spend too much plus I knew I was running low on there "Even better clinical dark spot corrector" which is about 43.00 for the 1.0 oz bottle. The lady suggested me one that she said could be used as a primer, and sunscreen which was awesome, because I wanted less steps, not more!

After she threw my stuff into a bag to carry before I paid, I went to walk around and check out some clothes, I was waiting on my Grandpa to get a haircut, so I kind of just circled the BX, then I passed by one of those "specials" the ones that come with a make up case/pouch, I looked it over and it had everything I wanted PLUS the pouch, and three travel size bottles of the 3-step, and it was LESS then what I was going to pay for the 3-step and the sunblock. I circled around the store again and thought about it, making sure I was making a good decision, and went back, re-looked at the box, and realized that the bottle of there "Dramatically different moisturizer" was bigger then what I was going to buy, and the toner was way bigger as well, I am so glad I took my time and didn't just rush and purchase it all. I got way more for what money I was planning on spending, let's just say I felt great, accomplished and happy about the amount I saved, it helped me lose focus on the amount I spent!

Moral of the story: Always check out those "combo pack" or specials. I couldn't believe how much more I was getting for the same price. Not just more bottles, but the bottles were bigger. I'm just thinking about how long the trial size has lasted me, the cleanser went quick, but I still have toner, and moisturizer left, I don't think I will have to be repurchasing these items for quite some time!

And I mustn't forget. I absolutely LOVE the Even better dark spot corrector, I had to buy it again, it makes my skin so smooth and It helps with scars/dark spots! This is my second bottle, and I bought the first one in January and it probably has about 2 weeks worth left.