Wednesday, May 30, 2012

D.I.Y Journal Cover

I love buying journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, any kind of book really.
Sometimes I have those plain composition books, or sketchbooks that just come with a "not so nice" cover, so today, I decided to cover up my sketchbook with something I really love.

This sketchbook was from Target, I loved that I could remove pages and rearrange them in a different order.

This D.I.Y is simple, fun, and cute!I only WISH that I came up with this myself, but I got it from one of my favorite bloggers Elsie Larson

 Here is what you need: Glue, scissors, cardstock or colored paper, magazine or old book, photographs of things you love, a notebook/journal, triangle template.

Gather your materials together. Take a piece of cardstock or paper and create a triangle template. You can free hand this, or use a ruler to measure equal sides. It will depend on your notebook size how big or small you want your triangles to be.

Place your triangle template over your photo. I did most of them upside down triangles because it was easier to capture faces that way. But you can do it however you'd like. If you are limited on photos I would recommend doing them all one direction and cutting your colored paper all one direction but opposite to what you cut your photos of. Do this to the colored paper and magazine print, or book print.

 (The amount you need to make will vary, but you can always cut a long the way which is what I did when I needed more. )

Place them on your journal, I had to remove mine from the binding, you might not have to, but I covered mine all the way even over the holes. Once you are finished with your placement, take a photo on your phone or camera so if you forget, you will have a reminder of where each piece goes.

Glue each piece down once you have figured out where you want everything. Make sure that you start at the same end every time, I started at the right side for each row, in order to ensure that the pieces lined up well together. When gluing pictures you will go over the edges on both sides, glue it down anyway, we will cut it off later.  After all the pieces are glued, check over to make sure it is all aligned correctly. I didn't want pictures touching, or colored papers touching, but you might not mind like I do. Flip the whole thing over and cut around the edges to remove what's hanging over.

I had a spiral binding so I had to use a hole puncher to cut the holes back out since I wanted to start at the edge. I attached it to my sketchbook, and voila! Total awesomeness. :) I absolutely loved the turn out. I hope you enjoyed this, if you happen to make one feel free to post me a link! I would love to see it!


  1. this is so cute! I really like your blog by the way!

    1. Thanks Valerie, and thanks for checking out my blog! (:

  2. love this!!
    Im so guna try this out.
    Check my blog out
    i followed u!

  3. This is super cool. Can't wait to try it :D

  4. Love the cover - will add to my list of journal possibilities. Following from the blog hop - thanks for stopping by.

  5. I just saw this image pop up on your side bar. I love it!
    I'd seen the original idea on A Beautiful Mess and then forgot about it - but this has reminded about the great idea.

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