Thursday, November 4, 2010

Red River, New Mexico

I went on a very random, almost completely unplanned trip to New Mexico. It was my first road trip with friends. Well, actually I knew one person and met the other two the day of the trip. It was pretty exciting. It was very cold in Texas, and I packed for the same type of weather, But when I got to New Mexico, It was snowy, but sunny. It was beautiful. Being from Texas I don't get to see that much snow, and so I was pretty excited when I saw mountains covered in snow and snow covered fields. It was almost Christmas and the town was decked out with lights. It was a small town, literally, it was probably a mile long. But it was close to other small towns with nice attractions. The locals were friendly, and I found this small town charm quite delightful. It made me want to live there, I loved all the gift shops, and restaurants, Everywhere you went you felt warm and cozy despite the weather. Unfortunately, because the trip was very random and almost completely unplanned, I didn't get to save up a ton of money, which maybe was good because I probably would have blew it all on nick-nacks from the gift shops. Over all, I loved it there, I would definitely go back, and did I mention they had thee cutest candy shop, (which pretty much won me over right there)